Dry eye disease doesn’t take a break, even during a pandemic. Thankfully, The Dry Eye Master is back!

Laura M. Periman, M.D. is currently accepting new patients and re-establishing previous patients for expert dry eye consultations and care via telemedicine.  Telemedicine has become invaluable in the medical world since the impact of COVID-10 and allows us to provide safe, patient-focused care, while limiting the traffic in our office to a bare minimum.

The day of your appointment you will get a text with a link to your telemed visit with Dr. Periman via Zoom or Doximity. You will then join Dr Periman in the virtual exam room for your Expert Dry Eye Consultation. Dr. Periman will review your intake forms, photos and exam. You will receive an expert assessment and a detailed care plan, customized to your personal ocular surface needs and lifestyle. There is more to chronic dry eyes than just the eyes, there’s an entire person. Your care plan will reflect that. If you are a candidate for office procedures after your consultation, you will be scheduled accordingly by our concierge.  We offer a wide variety of the most up to date Dry Eye treatments including: IPL, iLux, TearCare, Radiofrequency, deep eyelid cleaning (AB Max and ZEST), BoTox (specifically placed for the DryEye patient), fillers. We offer a variety of excellent home care products such as NuLids, Zocular products and the new neural stimulation device iTear.

To make your appointment as efficient as possible we ask that you complete the forms on the next page prior to your arrival (even if you have seen Dr. Periman at other practices).

It’s important to know that Dr. Periman is not contracted with any medical insurance plans. Consultation fees are due at the time of service. We will provide you with a detailed, itemized receipt of payment including CPT codes that you may submit to your insurance for possible, partial reimbursement of “out of network” benefits to be determined by your insurance.

General Costs

Pre-Appointment Checklist

  • Telemed Consultation Rates are $350/hour.  We include up to 4 followup questions/answers via text/email per encounter.  Typical followup is 6-8 weeks.
  • Followup and next step Therapy coaching pricing is $200/30 min and $300/hour.
  • In office examinations with Dr. Periman are $350 for new patients and $250-300 for established patients.
  • IPL treatments are $565/treatment.
  • New patients are required to have a telemedicine visit with Dr. Periman prior to scheduling any treatments.
  • Demographics
  • Financial Policy
  • HIPPA Policy
  • Telehealth Consent
  • Dry Eye Intake
  • Questionnaires
  • How to send us images & video of your eyes
  • Checking your visual acuity
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