Customized Patient Care Plans

Chronic Dry Eye Disease (CDED) is a multi-factorial disease.  That means a multitude of things can cause it and exacerbate it.  Dr Periman loves problem solving with her patients to identify the key factors that are unique to each patient.  Each patient receives an customized plan.

Individualized Care

You are my focus! If you are a Chronic Dry Eye Disease (CDED) sufferer, you are searching for answers.   Dr Periman is an expert in CDED from the underlying mechanisms to the latest therapeutic offerings.  With her easy-going West Coast style, Dr Periman thrives on helping patients gain a thorough understanding of their CDED.

Convenient Online Services

Dr Periman offers individual patient education, group education tools and resources as well as patient education lectures and Continuing Education courses for EyeCare Professionals.

Dry Eye Disease affects 33 Million Americans.  You are not alone in your quest to find relief.  Dr Periman has studied Dry Eye Disease for 26 years.  She has written a multitude of articles and has lectured domestically and internationally.

DryEyeMaster is proud to provide a compassionate, integrated, holistic approach.  We offer you the time, education and explanations you crave along with the latest therapeutic treatment options you deserve.

See The Difference

Dry Eye is a vision disease of the ocular surface.  That’s right.  We know that the tear film of the ocular surface is abnormal and unstable, thereby affecting visual performance.  We know that the quality of vision of a Dry Eye sufferer is not the same as someone with a healthy ocular surface.  We can help optimize your visual performance and improve your ocular comfort.

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